What is a Webstore?

"You can send us the artwork, or we can help create artwork for you. We host the website. We print and ship the products directly to your end user. It's really that easy."
What is a Webstore? - Constantly Create Shop

Webstores are e-commerce websites that allow companies and organizations to sell products online without hosting or managing the entire website process. These online stores can be used to win more business and expand into new markets. The stores are offered to all different customer groups, including:

  • Company Swag
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Holidays and Events
  • Employee Uniforms and Supplies
  • Employee Recognition and Incentives
  • Spirit Wear
  • Fundraising
  • Team Uniforms and Equipment
  • School and Sporting Apparel
  • Retail

We have recently built software that allows us to create and host webstores for our clients. Now, you can set up a Fundraising store, which can have a kickback based on sales of apparel. The best part? We do all of the work. You can send us the artwork or we can help create artwork for you. We host the websites. We print and ship the products directly to your end user. You don't have to learn how to build a website, or worry about taking payments and shipping products out. Just send the end users a link to your store, and let us do the rest.

One of the best cases for Webstores are schools and educational departments. Our teachers and school staff work hard to take care of students all day long. The last thing that they want to handle is an entire ordering process from uniforms to school gym apparel. Now, these products can be put on a webstore, and they can direct students and parents to a link to purchase the items needed. Let the end user choose the colors, sizes, etc! This helps save hours of time and organization. Now, school staff can handle what they are great at, and we can too. An added bonus to this process would be the Fundraising option. We can add a specific dollar amount that gets tracked for each item that gets kicked back to the school. The admin for the webstore has full access to the order summaries, fundraiser tracking, flyers, and more. This is a fully transparent process, and we are super proud to bring this option forward for the school staff that want to gain countless hours of productivity back into the classrooms.

We created a subdivision brand of Constantly Create Shop called NY Custom Apparel, nycustomapparel.com. This branding helps us differentiate between our custom print shop where we regularly take orders for Embroidery, Screen Printing, and Digital Full Color Prints, and our Webstore business. Since we act as the customer service for each of these Webstores, it helps that the branding doesn't get watered down when communicating between our custom apparel services and our webstore services. We have long wanted to lean further into our roots in New York and show our true colors to represent the city that we love so much. That is where we came up with the idea of branding our Webstore service under NY Custom Apparel. All of our work gets done in-house in New Hyde Park, NY, in Nassau County. We have a full-time staff that is well trained on our process, and there's even more to come!

Interested in starting a Webstore with us? Send us an email, or contact us at 516-693-9695 today.