Recently, Patagonia changed their terms and no longer offers custom Patagonia merchandise with custom names and branding.

Constantly Create Shop understands that there will be a big hole to fill in that space, as Patagonia is one of the most purchased customized high end clothing on the market. We will continue to embroider and screen print Patagonia products while taking great care of such a high end product.

Examples of customizing we do on Patagonia would be in the Left-Chest area of the garment with Names, Positions, Company, and Website. Possibilities are endless!

You can group purchase your Patagonia products directly through Patagonia as well, and ship them directly to our shop for the printing or embroidery. This way, you can continue to easily keep track of their warranty since all purchasing can be done by you or your group together. 

If you or your group is looking to Shop Custom Patagonia @ Constantly Create Shop, follow the link below to submit a quote and our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.