If you're looking for an NFT artist to help get your NFT project done professionally, you've came to the right team! Our team will be your Artists and will set you up with marketing materials, project merchandise, as well as experience to help your NFT project succeed. Here's what is included in our package:

  • Full Artwork Access: You will have access to the work we do, as we do it
  • In Person Experience or Zoom Calls: We will be in contact with you from the beginning to the end, if you are in NY (or want to travel to NY) we will schedule in-person experiences after you secure your project with Constantly Create Shop. If you are not able to come to us, we will gladly set up Zoom calls so we are all on the same page throughout the entire process
  • Attributes: Up to 200 Different Attributes across up to 10 different categories, easily helping you get up to 10K perfect NFTs. All saved in the correct placement, sizing, and format for your coding team to plug and play. We also provide a spreadsheet with all attributes, ready for you to input your rarity.
  • 10 Specialty 1-1s with specialty backgrounds only used once. These are all hand drawn separately from any attributes, so you won't see these attributes in the regular mint.
  • 90 Specialty 1-1s using backgrounds from the larger collection, but with attributes that are extremely rare.
  • Marketing: 100 Story Posts & 100 Instagram Feed Posts saved in high resolution, just upload and add a Sticker Link/Mention. Perfect for those who will provide marketing materials to Social Influencers.
  • Merchandise: 100 T-Shirts & 100 Hoodies with your branding on the inside label as well as 100 Embroidered Hats.

The cost of these packages could vary depending on exact scope of work. Below is our package pricing for everything you have read above:

  • $250k Upfront, Paid via Crypto or Bank Transfer
  • 20% of Mint
  • 2.5% of Artist Royalties on Secondary Markets

To get a quote or discuss further, follow this link and our NFT Specialist will get back to you as soon as possible. Due to project restrictions, we are on a set schedule and cannot take all applicants at this time.